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 Post subject: The Port Luskan Beat
PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:50 pm 
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Balanced Reporting from the Neutral Zone

by Alyra Moondancer

January 31 - Port Luskan, long thought disbanded, is reuniting. Former islanders are appearing in the oddest places, from Faerie to the Plane of Dreams. Does this mean Port Luskan is returning? You betcha!

The first clue this reporter had that something might be happening was a recurring dream that featured meetings with acquaintances from the island. Eventually, I realized that these were not just dreams. I really was seeing my old friends, though not always clearly, and not always as I remembered them in the waking world. It has been demonstrated on at least one occasion that the person I dreamed seeing remembers, in waking, the meeting as well: we seem to have happened on the same reality. And it is known that the Plane of Dreams is where you go when you dream.

It took many months before I recognized what was happening and was able to consciously enter Dreams to find my friends. Others of us likewise were finding themselves in the Plane of Dreams and recognizing it for what it is, but the definitive moment was a Call many of us received about a week or two ago (at least, that much time seems to have passed in my waking moments). Celelond Windang, founder of the original community, is asking us to find our way to Dreams to join him there and rebuild Port Luskan.

Whether this means a physical rebuilding of the realms or just a regrouping of our community of people is unclear, but both seem to be happening. Plans for the island layout are hazy at present, but many of the old features we knew and loved have been discovered or recreated: the book shop, the temple, and the castle above the sea are all in evidence, some with greater detail than others. The lands once claimed for the Dukedom of Edonil have been roughed out, as have those of the cliff-side city; whether the latter will be called Cliffside or revert to the old Solice is unknown at this time. Still in limbo are the elven lands, the Underdark, the arena, the harbor, and Serenity Isle.

Also in limbo is the vast underground area once known as "The Hollows." Whether this ofttimes dangerous realm exists in Dream, or whether it has been replaced by an expanded Underdark or by something even less desirable than the original Hollows, is anybody's guess.


The Port Luskan Beat, Port Luskan's finest (and only) newspaper, has resumed publication. After a hiatus necessitated by the disbanding of our community, Ye Olde Editor has resumed her post and the presses are rolling once again.

Submissions of articles and images are welcome as always. Although we don't have the budget we once had, and will be foregoing soliciting advertising for the time being, we intend to bring you, as always, the best in reporting.

Weekly publications begin today, Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Papers are available as always at Ye Olde Book Shoppe or direct from the Publisher. Hurry, and don't miss a Beat!

Alyra Moondancer
Editor and Publisher


Published weekly on Wednesday

Publisher: Alyra Moondancer
Editor-in-Chief: Alyra Moondancer

Reporting Staff and Columnists:
Alyra Moondancer

All material copyright the respective writers; all rights reserved. All unattributed material copyright The PORT LUSKAN BEAT.
Contact: Alyra Moondancer, Ye Olde Book Shoppe, Port Luskan


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