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 Post subject: Re: Walking Tour of the Island
PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:06 pm 
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Ceri struggles to get her firepit set up. Digging with one's hands is not all that fun. Where's a Brownie when you need one? Mmmm.... chocolate! Dirt just isn't the same....

Glenn, meanwhile, is on the docks, shouting: "So where are all the big people at? Hey, anybody there? Hellllllllooooooooooo!!! Guess what?!"

Alyra, strolling by, catches the last query and answers: "What, Glenn?"

Alyra does a double-take. "Glenn! How the heck are ya?"

"I is coolies as always. I found the Solice town."

"You mean Cliffside? Or are they calling it Solice now?"

"And the colli thingy ahh yeah arena."

"You found the arena? Where is it?"

"Well, it looks a lot like Solice with the palace..."

Alyra hauls parchment and quill from her pocket and makes some quick notes – there could be a story in this. She eyes the building on the ridge above her. "True enough."

"And I sees a gauntlet which I bet is Thel the White's."

Alyra frowns slightly; she has not seen Thel in a very long time.

"Follow me, Miss Alyra. We gotta head North."

"OK... Glenn... have you seen Thel lately?"

"Naw, she gone MIA. This way, Miss Alyra." Glenn looks out to the sea. "I bet Winnie will be back soon as well. It this way."

Alyra follows Glenn from the docks towards the lift up to the Solice castle. "Winnie?"

"Yeah, Winnie."

"Who's Winnie?"

"The Orca. The big mummy orca."

There is the sound of an orca's song.

"You mean that one?" Alyra asks. She has been hearing orcas almost nonstop since she arrived here.

Meanwhile, Ceri runs down to the shore for more flat stones. "Just a few more stones and I can finish this firepit!"

"The one that did not talk but she sprayed water over me," Glenn explains. "I think Stormie is around here somewhere too; I heard her giggling."

"The one that did not... I didn't know any of them talked, Glenn," Alyra says, mystified.

"Naww she just made noises that sounded like a song," Glenn explains, "but she sprayed me with water she blew from her head."

Ceri carries two more big flat stones back to her clearing. Glenn, spotting movement, looks in the distance and sees a lone person looking as though they are picking up stones. "And Miss Alyra, all animals talk."

Having made it back to the clearing without dropping the rocks on her feet, Ceri finishes piling the stones around the firepit.

Stormie's voice sounds sharply in the brief silence: "Lousy brat!"

"Hey Stormie," Glenn greets his companion.

"Hi Storm," says Alyra.

Ceri finishes up her fire circle. "There! Better go wash my hands." She heads back down to the shore to scrub her hands and arms.

"Who is a lousy brat, Stormie?" asks Glenn.

"That dumb rabbit, it ate the carrot I had. Jumped right up and stole it."

Alyra is immediately alert. "What rabbit?"

"Well it must of been hungry," says Glenn. "Oh yeah miss Alyra guess what also?"

"What, Glenn?" Alyra is looking around, trying to see if she can see the rabbit.

"One with floppy ears. It snuck out from under a bush," Storm explains.

"What color was it?" Alyra is totally focused on the rabbit and almost doesn't hear Glenn's answer.

"Me and stormie got a job."

Storm glances around and says, "It coulda let me offer it, but no."

Ceri trips over a speedily retreating rabbit. "AAAH!"

Alyra recognizes that voice. "Hi, Ceri!"

Ceri picks herself up and brushes (more) dirt off her shirt. "Hi Alyra! And um... other people?"

Glenn sees the lone figure stumble. "Oh hi do I know you? I think I do," he says. I reconise you but not sure where from."

"Ceri, this is Storm and Glenn," Alyra introduces her friends. "I think you'll probably remember them."

Ceri blinks and tries to remember. "I think you two look familiar... I'm not that good at remembering people though."

"Glenn, Ceri is an old friend of mine. She joined Port Luskan right after I did."

"Oh yes! Now I remember. Glenn, did you get your whistle back?"

Glenn looks to Stormie. "Wow, someone that don't remember us!" he exclaims. In the same breath, he answers Ceri: "Yes I did. thank you. "

Stormie giggles, "Really odd. Not remember us?"

Alyra looks at the two young people, a bit puzzled. "She just said she remembers you!"

Glenn continues, "But I am a bit confused. Why you sent it back? Cuz it was to pay for the reading thingy, but thanks anyway."

"I don't need payment," Ceri replies. "I'll barter for food when I need it, but I like to do the readings."

"Not straight away she didn't," Glenn informs Alyra.

"Well, how long has it been since she's seen you?" Alyra defends her friend.

"What with all the traveling, busking through all the towns and cities, even my own Family's caravan, I hardly remember Port Luskan itself much less people," Ceri adds.

Alyra is not the only one with a one-track mind. Glenn has news, and he is not about to let anyone else forget it: "Anyway wanna hear about mine and Stormie's job?"

"OK," says Alyra, a bit doubtfully.

"Do you remember the big warrrior man, Mister Trojen?" Glenn asks her.

"Of course I do, Glenn."

"Well he is back, too, and with his big Cats, and it our job to look after them," says Glenn.

"Ah, I see."

"Cuz he said he got to make his homestead work again," Glenn explains, "so me and Stormie have to look after them. Anyway, this way." He heads north.

"He feeds; I make sure they don't think he's the food," Stormie explains.

"Yeah," Glenn agrees.

Alyra nods. She is still looking about for the rabbit, albeit half-heartedly now. "Well, shall we go, Ceri? I guess I'm not going to find Luna now, if that's who it was."

"Luna? Who's that?" asks Ceri.

"Um... a friend, Ceri. A white, flop-eared bunny that came to live with me for the last few months we were on the island."

"Do you see the bridge ahead?" Glenn calls back. "That leads to Solice. Be careful though cuz it a bit rickerty."

Alyra looks around for a bridge, but all she sees is the dock and the lift at the end of it. "Bridge?" She looks down at the dock, which seems to her quite solidly built. "Rickety, Glenn?"

"You don't see it, Miss Alyra?"

"I see the dock, and the lift. I don't see any bridge here."

"Yeah this way," Glenn continues, unfazed.

Ceri eyes the fuzzy area in front of her. A bridge seems to be competing for space with a lift. She closes her eyes to stave off the headache.

"We got to go past the castle," Glenn explains. "Soz I forget your eyes are not as good as us Drows' eyes."

"OK...," says Alyra, still puzzled. "I suppose that's why I'm not seeing a bridge - there's a mountain in the way." I never realized that Drow could see through solid rock, she thinks.

"I have pretty good eyesight, things just change around here," Ceri explains.

"We gotta go up the lift thing then I bet you will see it," says Glenn.

"Probably will, Glenn," Alyra replies. "Probably will."

"Or maybe not – forgot you're old," Glenn teases.

Ceri blinks again and the world settles into place.

"Might have to walk a little further first," Glenn clarifies.

The group gets on the lift and rises to the level with the castle. They disembark and look around.

Ceri resolutely does not look back over the still somewhat fluid landscape.

Glenn looks at the castle. "I bet there are ghosties in there. You reckon there are ghosties in there, Stormie?"

Alyra looks at the large double door leading into the castle - or whatever it is - and considers. "I kind of doubt there are ghosts here... but you never know."

Post composed from RP by Ceri, Glenn, Alyra, and Stormie.


 Post subject: Re: Walking Tour of the Island
PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:28 pm 

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Ceri blinks, and suddenly Glenn is gone. "Uh, Alyra...." she says hesitantly. As the other bard turns towards them, Stormie's form wavers (rather like the landscape has been doing to Ceri) and then winks out of existence.

Ceri tries not to faint. "W-what were you saying about ghosts?"

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 Post subject: Re: Walking Tour of the Island
PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:40 pm 
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Alyra turns towards Ceri just in time to see Storm's form fading into nothingness. "Hmmm." Ceri looks to Alyra rather like she's actually seen a ghost. "Are you OK, Ceri?"

"W-what just happened?!" Ceri half shrieks, clearly not okay.

"Ummm... She woke up?"

"Woke-- oh. Oh." Ceri visibly calms down. "I, uh, keep forgetting we're in Dreaming." She gives a sheepish grin.

Alyra smiles sympathetically. "It is kind of an odd feeling," she admits. "I sometimes wake up and think I'm dreaming -- only I know it's not a dream, because I'm not here." She ponders that a moment. "I remember wondering once, when I was very small, if all my life up to then had been a dream, and what if I woke up? Now I wonder if -- oh, never mind. Look, shall we go in after all? Come on, Gl-- Oh. I guess he must have awakened, too."

"Well, if you want." Ceri looks up at the large double-doors. Which were closed. "Do you have a key?"

"No... at least, not that I know of. I never knew it to be locked before." Alyra tries the doors, which swing open easily -- almost too easily -- and meet the walls to either side with an ominous ka-dooom.

Ceri jumps.

Alyra looks up at the lintel over the door. "What are you doing up there, Ceri? The door's down here."

"Yes, and I'm up here." Ceri answers.

Alyra sighs and shakes her head. "OK, maybe it's not the best time to visit the castle. You're obviously still a bit on edge. Why don't we go for a walk instead?"

Ceri jump-- climb-- fall-- er, gets down, and is several paces towards the lift before Alyra finishes speaking. "Good idea!" the brunette says eagerly.

Alyra follows her friend, still shaking her head, but now chuckling to herself. "OK, where should we go?" Despite her question, she already has a goal in mind, and veers to the right, away from the lift and towards the path that leads to the city on the cliffs. With Ceri following her, she heads down the path and makes her way through the maze of cobbled walkways -- up, down, over, under, down, and up again (was it really this convoluted on the old island? she asks herself) -- and finally comes to a halt at the entrance to the Toasted Rodent tavern.

Ceri wrinkles her nose at the name. "I'm not all that hungry. What are we doing here?"

"Exploring." They are standing on a narrow wood dock with the ocean at their feet. Alyra looks at the door to the tavern, and then at the entrance to the lift across from it. "Well, if you're not hungry..." She summons the lift, which slowly emerges from the dark waters below.

Ceri stares wide-eyed at the slowly rising drenched lift, then turns and gives Alyra an incredulous look. "I don't really feel like swimming either," she says.

Alyra grins. "Don't worry; if it's anything like the waking world, you won't even know you're underwater."


"Look, if you're worried about it, I'll go first, and prove it to you." Without waiting for an answer, Alyra steps onto the lift, seats herself, and sends it into the depths.

"Wait! Where does that thing go?" Ceri calls out quickly.

Alyra does not answer; she is at that moment plunging beneath the frigid Port Luskan sea.

Ceri stares at the rippling water for a long moment, then starts digging in her belt-purse. After a moment she pulls out some parchment, a stick with a charred end wrapped in a cloth, and a stoppered glass bottle.

After scribbling down her message, Ceri stuffs it in the small but heavy bottle and stuffs the cork back in the neck. As the lift begins to rise, she moves carefully to one side and drops the message.

As the bottle falls, the lift rises from the water. Alyra sits on the bench, perfectly calm, perfectly dry. "To the Dwarven Hall," she says in answer to Ceri's question, and hands her the bottle which has fallen neatly into her lap. "Did you drop this?"

Ceri's right eye twitches as she takes the bottle back. "Thanks," she mutters. "Anyway, why are you going down there?"

"Like I said, exploring. I just wanted to show you that there's nothing to worry about. You don't get wet, and you end up in the Dwarven Hall, which is dry and actually quite comfy. They have a great tavern. Want to see?"

Ceri hesitates for a moment. "Well... I suppose." She steps forward and onto the lift. Despite the drenched appearance of the roof, it is actually quite dry. Ceri begins to relax.

Then it reaches the water -- and keeps going.

Alyra watches impassively as they slide silently downward through the open water -- which seems to have no substance whatever -- and into the lift shaft proper. They barely have time to notice the hewn rock walls before they land in a large open hall, constructed of fine dwarven stonework. Massive wooden doors to the north promise entry into the Dwarven Tavern, while to the south a large passageway leads into the darkness of the mines. To one side is an alcove with a small fountain. Alyra looks about, for the first time showing a touch of nervousness; then she relaxes. "Oh, good. No sign of the big golden kitty cat."

Ceri stands stark still for a long moment, only her eyes moving. Finally she relaxes. It actually seems rather open down here. Then she hears Alyra's comment. "What kitty?"

"The big gold one that the dwarves were so set on keeping back on the first island. They actually brought it with them, if you can believe that! when we moved to the second island. It was one of the three monsters we fought in the mine cave-in. Remember? There was the gold cat, the sandy man, the mummy..." Alyra thinks a moment. "Oscar. One of them was named Oscar."

Ceri gives her a nervous look. "And you wanted to come back down here without knowing if it would attack us?"

"It wasn't here when we left the old island. But it was when we first arrived. But it's not there now. So it's OK." Alyra pauses, then adds, with perhaps not quite as much conviction as she would like, "Really.

"But you know, that was nothing compared to what we faced here. I mean Abiorn--" Alyra stops quite suddenly and looks down the south passage. There is a very long silence, which is finally broken by Alyra. "Um," she says, eloquently. She looks back to find Ceri edging back into the lift. "Um," she says again, and then looks back at the passage, then back at her friend. "Are you going? I mean, I can kind of understand. This -- well, down there -- used to be Abiorn's territory. And it might still be, but we don't know, and we won't know unless we... Um." This said with a pronounced sense of "um."

Ceri gives her a wide-eyed Look. "I thought you said this was the Dwarven Hall!"

"It is." Alyra regards her solemnly, then gestures vaguely at the tunnel to the south. "The Hollows is down thataway -- or used to be. Or it might be down a different tunnel; they kind of branched a bit. But it's down that way somewhere, if it's here at all. So as long as we're up here, we should be OK. Unless..."

Ceri gives her a flat look. "That's not very reassuring."

"Nothing about this island is exactly reassuring," Alyra states, realizing as she speaks that this is probably one of the least reassuring things she might have said. "Um," she finishes, purely for the sake of consistency.

Ceri reaches for the lever. "Well that's nice. Going up?"

Alyra sighs. "So... does that mean you're not going to go exploring with me?"

"Let me put it this way -- this room seems nice and big, but where else do you expect me to go?"

"Well... I was thinking... I mean, when we left, the Hollows was empty. Dead. I mean, dead quiet. No one about. You could walk through there and nothing happened. No goblins with bows, no beholders... it was very boring." She grins lopsidedly. "So... want to go check it out?"

Ceri takes a firm hold of the lift's lever. "No, not particularly," she manages.

Alyra looks at her friend and sighs again. "Oh, well, it was just a thought. I suppose I can come back down later... alone..." In her voice you can almost hear the unspoken phrase, "in the dark."

By this point Ceri is frozen, and white as a sheet. But having firm control of the lever now, the lift will not be leaving without her. Although it might be leaving without Alyra, if she doesn't hurry up and get on.

"Ceri? Are you all right?" Alyra moves towards her friend, which puts her, of course, on the lift.

Which immediately begins to rise, as Ceri's arms give a great and sudden jerk on the lever.

Alyra, not yet seated, is thrown off-balance by the lift's sudden departure. She manages to regain her composure but not her feet, and ends up sitting on the stone floor as the lift rises out of sight above her. At this point Alyra's stubborn side kicks in. Determined not to be gotten the better of by a rickety piece of gnomish technology, she gets to her feet, grasps the lever and gives it a yank of her own. The lift groans to a stop at the end of its appointed course, then in obedience to the new command, reverses direction and descends once more.

Above ground again, Ceri picks herself up from the middle of the floor. The lift rises up and stops at the dock -- and immediately starts back down again. Ceri is not amused. Having made it back down to the cavern floor, she reaches out and gives the lever a yank, even as the lift is groaning to a halt. There is a small bump and with no noticeable stop the lift begins to rise again.

Alyra is caught with one foot raised to step onto the lift; as it rises it catches her heel and down she goes. Now what on earth did she do that for? the bard muses, even as she regains her feet, reaches out and gives the lever another pull.

Again, the lift reaches the dock and, with a groan of protest, immediately starts back down again. (One could almost hear its gears thinking 'make up your minds, already!') This time as the lift descends, it reveals Ceri standing frozen in the middle of the lift floor, wide eyed, dead pale, stark still -- except for a single twitching eye.

When the lift reaches her level this time, Alyra is ready. She leaps aboard and grabs hold of one of the wooden supports, hanging on for dear life in anticipation of another rapid ascent.

There is no discernible response from Ceri.

Alyra stands, gripping the wood post, and stares at her friend. "Ceri?" Silence. "Are you OK?"

There is a long pause. Then another. Then Ceri's head slowly turns towards Alyra, and she whispers, "Can we go up now? And stay there?"

Alyra looks at her friend for a long moment, the light slowly dawning. "Oh. Sure." After making certain they are both actually on the lift, she pulls the lever, much more gently this time, and the platform rises once more. They pass the tavern and arrive at the uppermost level without incident, and Alyra debarks at the fire circle next to the Edonil Warm Spring.

After a moment Ceri scrambles off. She refrains from doing something silly, like shouting "Ground!" and dropping to her knees to kiss the earth. Although she has a definite urge to fall over at this point. Having unfrozen, her knees now feel rather like jelly.

Alyra is watching Ceri carefully. As her friend wobbles over to the fire to sit down, Alyra begins to hum, then to sing. Her bardic spell is intended to soothe, heal, and inspire her friend with confidence in the wake of what has apparently been a somewhat harrowing experience -- though why, Alyra is still uncertain.

Ceri closes her eyes and concentrates on taking several deep breaths, letting the calming melody wash over her. Slowly, she relaxes. After a long couple of minutes she opens her eyes, now feeling much better. Then she remembers something and turns to Alyra. "Say," she asks, "when did you take up pole-dancing?"

Alyra stares at her blankly. "Say what?"

Ceri blinks innocently. "You had a very good grip on the pole on that last ride up. Managed a leg around it and everything." She gives her friend a bright smile.

Alyra rolls her eyes, but can't keep up that charade for long. She bursts out laughing. "Yeah, I guess I did, at that."

Ceri's fake smile relaxes into a real one. "Anyway I should apologise. I thought you were on the lift, didn't realise you'd get thrown like that. And then when I didn't have a chance to get off at the top -- and with all the up and down -- well I started to panic a bit. Sorry."

"That's OK... but Ceri, I don't understand why you were panicking. I mean, you were already heading in that direction when you got on the lift, or I miss my guess. Was it because I was talking about going to the Hollows?"

Ceri gives her a sheepish look. "Well... yes. Sort of. I mean, we were already underground, y'know, but you were pretty set on going deeper."

She sits silently for a long moment, then quietly adds. "You know I'm half wood elf, right?"

Alyra nods. Although she knows Ceri is half-elven, this is the first time she recalls being told which specific kind of elf; but with her memory, she might well have known at some point.

"Right. Well. That and half gypsy. So I've grown up roaming around, on the road and through the wilderness. That's always where I've been most comfortable, out in nature, especially the woods."

She pauses, and still not looking over at her friend continues, "So going underground has never really been fun. It's cut off from, well, open air. I'm usually fine in caves, especially if they're shallow. Nothing wrong with buildings. Used to be able to go underground as long as it wasn't too deep, or small, or for too long. And then there was that cave-in. And now it's worse."

Alyra regards her a moment, then says, "So the real problem was being underground, not the promise of wandering into dangerous territory, risking life and limb, and possibly getting Abiorn mad at us?"

Now Ceri looks at Alyra, and not a very happy look either. "Are you crazy? I don't laugh in the face of danger, I scream and run the other way!"

Alyra grins in spite of herself, but the grin is warm with affection for her friend. "I know. And sometimes that really is the best course of action. Well, maybe not so much the screaming part. That's rough on the singing voice."

Ceri tries to look indignant, but after a moment bursts into laughter.

Alyra's grin widens, but she continues with sincerity, "Ceri, not everyone is cut out for high adventure. But everyone feels fear at some point -- if they're sane. Cel told me to use the fear to keep myself alive, and he's right about that. So when I'm scared, I acknowledge the fear, but I don't let it stop me. At least, I try not to." She stops; she has a feeling this is getting a bit too philosophical for the moment.

"Anyway," she continues, standing up, "I think it's time for hot chocolate or something. Shall we?"

"Yes let's!" Ceri says brightly, and the two start back towards the bookshop, Ceri chatting amiably about the nice clearing she's set her tent up in.

Post composed from RP by Alyra and Ceri.


 Post subject: Re: Walking Tour of the Island
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Just before Ceridwen and Alyra enter the bookshop they hear a soft, muffled giggling,
but when they look inside, there's no one there.

The giggling flits all the way down to the forest.
It disappears beneath the frosted trees,
and casts a circle of rowan leaves
all around Ceridwen's tent.

Over hill, over dale, through bush, through briar,
and home again, home again, home again....

Have you ever stopped to think and forgot to start again?

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Ceri and Alyra start at the sound of giggling as they come up to the door. It fades after a moment. Ceri grins at her friend. "Shall we see if someone has signed your guestbook?" she asks, as they step inside.

((Continues in In Ye Olde Book Shoppe))

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"Well, Ceri, where should we go today?" Alyra is sitting by the fire in Ye Olde Book Shoppe, sipping tea, while her friend and fellow bard sits at the table mulling over a pile of painted leaves.

"Huh?" Ceri says intelligently.

"Where should we go? I'm thinking I'd like to see more of the island."

After a moment, Ceri concludes sweeping up the leaves into a little pile. "Do you have a little box I can put these into, first?"

"Oh, sure. I got a shipment in the other day, got tons of little boxes."

Alyra stands and sets her tea on the table, then walks to a corner of the room which is piled with crates and boxes. She selects a small one which seems likely and hands it to her friend.

Ceri spends a minute collecting the pile into a box, sets the booklet on top, and puts the lid on before stuffing it in her belt pouch with her tarot cards. She stands and brushes off her hands out of habit.

"Okay, ready!"

"Okay." Alyra heads for the front door of the shop, stopping only to check her pocket for a quill, parchment, and picco crystals. Satisfied that her reporting equipment is well stocked, she steps out into the bracing night air.

Ceri glances around. "Maybe we should grab a lantern?"

Alyra looks at her a moment. "If you like," she says, shrugging. "I usually don't bother."

"Well..." Ceri says slowly, "I was thinking of showing you where I set up my tent. It's a very nice clearing, although the deeper areas of Drathir can get rather dark." After a moment she adds, "Although maybe you haven't reached those places. I seem to be the only one stumbling over hill and dale and briar into the Deep Woods."

Alyra grins lopsidedly at her friend. "I'd love to see where you set up your tent, Ceri. And if we stumble into Faerie, well, it's not like I've never been there before."

"I'm pretty sure I've been there too," Ceri mutters as they start off, "and it's remarkably like wandering through a briar bush that had not previously been there."

Alyra chuckles to herself as they head across the road ("Rendan Road" they called it, at least on her maps, if she remembers correctly) and down the path to the docks. Although it is dark, there is activity, although not as much as there would be earlier in the "day." As they pass through the docks and start up the path to Drathir, Ceri begins to whistle a jaunty marching tune that she cannot, at the moment, remember the name to. Alyra picks up the tune almost immediately, and the two whistle in unison as they trek through the lowlands.

Eventually, after a bit longer trek than usual off the side of the path and several loops of the marching tune, they make it to Ceri's Clearing. Ceri wonders mentally if she ought to put up a sign at the edge nearest the path. She blinks at the sight of fresh leaves on the snow circling her camp. "What's this?" She picks one up -- it's a rowan leaf, still on the stem, larger than usual like the painted leaves in her belt pouch, though left intact and untouched.

Noticeably, there are no footprints besides the two women's.

"Looks like a leaf," Alyra says helpfully.

"Yes, a rowan leaf. But in winter? And it's huge!"

"Oh. So it is." Alyra's early memories are a bit hazy, but she definitely can see in her mind's eye a smallish tree with feathery leaves and clusters of white flowers. "That is kind of odd, at that. Maybe Faerie is nearby."

"Or visiting," Ceri adds, letting the leaf drop back to its place in the circle. For some reason she doesn't want to disturb the circle of leaves. "Anyway, so here's my camp. Just wanted to make sure you could find it if you wanted to visit later on. Anywhere in particular you'd like to go now?"

Alyra ponders. "Yes, I think so. We've been all over Edonil, or Upper Rendan, or whatever it is now, and we've been in Solice, we've tramped around Drathir a bit, and we've been to the Dwarven Hall, or at least its doorstep. But we still haven't been to the Hollows, and we haven't been to Serenity Isle, and I think that there's actually another island somewhere that we haven't been to, and we haven't been over to where the arena was, last time I saw it." She takes a breath. "So, any of those places."

Ceri thinks for a moment. "Serenity Isle? I like the name, but what was over there?"

"Well, the temple moved there from Solice -- or maybe it was Cliffside by then -- and then there was the monastery. It was kind of the spiritual center for the island, with a meditation room, and a place for the monks to do their exercises -- 'katas,' KW called them. They even had an infirmary there. Of course, that was all on the island we left behind. There's no telling what's on this one..."

"And what about this other island you mentioned?"

"The other island? Oh, back on the original Port Luskan, we had two islands, Port Luskan and Port Solice. That was after the original hamlet of Solice had grown a bit... When the original Port Luskan sank into the sea, it was actually Port Solice that sank first. Now KW seems to have found it again."

Alyra stops and blinks. "When did he tell me that?"

"Um..." Ceri says intelligently. "Well," she adds, "if we can't be sure if that island is there -- or what's on Serenity -- maybe we should check out the arena first. Where is it anyway?"

"Well, it's been a couple different places..." Alyra looks around blankly for a moment. "But the last time I saw it, it was on the southwest side of the island, beyond the Blackrock Mountain, and you got to it from near the Bardic Fire Circle. There was a gondola that took you across the harbor. Quite scenic."

"Sounds lovely! Less walking and a nice view. Shall we go then?"

Alyra grins and leads the way -- she hopes -- out of Ceri's Clearing towards the walkway up to the Bardic Fire Circle. She actually finds her way quite easily and wonders why it was such a challenge going in the other direction.

Post composed from RP by Alyra and Ceri.


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Aaron feeling at home for the first time in a long time, observes his old friends from the safety of his shadowing hiding spot, and smiles

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